• ZUWA Side channel pump

    Side channel pump

    The main principle of a side channel pump is a combination of the displacement pump and a centrifugal pump. Therefore side channel pumps are self priming when they are pre-filled with fluid and are, as versatile multi purpose pumps, capable of conveying l

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    • ZUWA Barrel- and hand pumps

    Barrel- and hand pumps

    Manual and electric drum pumps, container pumps and barrel pumps. Find the appropriate pump for diesel, fat, oil, etc.
    Pneumatic pumps supplied by air compressors • barrel pump with impeller pump • drum pumps
    Handpump, laboratory pump, pumps for acids

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    • ZUWA Oil pumps

    Oil pumps

    There are many different kinds of oil, since oil only describes the viscosity of a liquid and its characteristics of being hydrophobic (immiscible with water) and lipophilic (miscible with other oils). Generally speaking there are mineral oils, organic oi

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    • ZUWA Pumps and refuelling systems for diesel

    Pumps and refuelling systems for diesel

    You are looking for a high quality diesel pump, a storage tank for diesel, a drum pump or a refueling set for diesel? In this section you will find all products of our cast product range referring to the medium diesel. Matching to the products you find p

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    • ZUWA Waste water pump

    Waste water pump

    Waste water pumps are some of the most widely spread submersible pumps used for many applications. Suspended particles of a size up to 5cm in the water are no problem for pumps of this kind.

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    • ZUWA AdBlue® pumps

    AdBlue® pumps

    Pumps, as well as tanks and tank facilities, for refilling or refueling commercial verhicles and passenger cars with AdBlue® (Diesel Exhaust Fluid, DEF, Urea, AUS-32).

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    • ZUWA Drill driven pump

    Drill driven pump

    Small, lightweight and portable - always usable. This is our drill powered pump. Make your standard drill or cordless screwdriver to a mobile pump.

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    • ZUWA Impeller pumps

    Impeller pumps

    Dry self-priming multi-purpose pumps for various liquids, also for viscous and sensitive media and heat transfer fluids.

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